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Garden Makeover 101: Maintenance Tasks to Have the Most Attractive Home in Your Neighbourhood

Guests form their first impression of any home from its current kerb appeal. Unfortunately, the home’s outdoor landscaping is something that is often overlooked and unmaintained. According to professional gardeners Ipswich companies have, an attractive garden not only adds to the aesthetics, but also raises your home’s value by up to 10 per cent.

The key to achieving the landscaping of your dreams is through a garden makeover, but this also requires following up with important maintenance tasks. These tasks ensure that the landscaping is healthy. Below is a simple, yet easy-to-follow, guide covering critical landscaping tasks for your yard’s makeover success.

Perennials and ornamental grass

When starting your makeover, start by cutting your ornamental grasses and perennials to ensure that they grow back even better and healthier than before. Cut your perennials at least 3 inches above the ground. Low-growing perennials do not need to be trimmed, but you should clean them up by gently raking out the dead areas.

For ornamental grass, cut them down to 20 per cent of their mature height, but some grass look better when they are not cut. If you have perennials you like in your garden, consider saving the seed pods or heads so you can start them in nursery pots indoors. Alternatively, you can break up the pods and distrubute them in new areas where you want new plants.

Vegetable garden beds

Expert gardeners Ipswich has today advice homeowners to remove any dead or old plant debris from the previous year. Unless the debris is not a result of a plant disease, you should compost it. Have a soil test done before adding more nutrients in the form of compost.


Make sure you aerate your lawn. Aeration allows better movement of air, fertiliser, and water in the soil, which helps in the stimulation of healthy grass. An added benefit of aeration is that it aids in increasing the decomposing speed of grass clippings while enhancing deep root growth.

Do not forget to rake your lawn to remove any leftover pine needles and sticks. Use a self-mulching lawnmower to mulch and re-deposit clippings instead of bagging and throwing them. However, when you are mowing for the first time, it’s advisable to suck up and bag the new clippings and other debris that are likely on your grass.


Before you start irrigating your garden, pressurise your system and ensure that there are no leaks so that you achieve optimal spray distribution. Next, adjust the throw and angle of the sprinkler heads and check your irrigation system for damaged sprinkler heads and clogged nozzles. Implement regular check-ups on your irrigation system all throughout the year.

Dirty surfaces

If possible, rent or purchase a high-power washer for cleaning the paved surfaces in your front space. In fact, with little elbow grease and effort, you can turn grimy surfaces into brand-new surfaces. Many power washers on the market do an excellent job of leaving your fences, and even your vinyl sidings and bricks, sparkling clean.

Hire a professional

Regardless of your landscape design, the best way to start right is by working with professional gardeners Ipswich has to offer. For more information on how to start your garden makeover and maintain it, contact Landscape & Vegetation Services today.

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